A new blog for a new time

Three years ago I was in my second year of uni and this blog became a place that I could think, ponder and dream. My university journey has now reached its end.

Today I am no longer a student, I stand at the start of my latest journey , a journey into the unknown.

It’s a  journey on which I will meet people, go places and try things I never thought I would.

It’s a journey with a rhythm, a rhythm of highs and lows, descants and drop beats.

It’s a journey that I hope will step by step bring me closer to God.

And with a new journey I felt that I needed a new blog. A fresh compartment to store the memories, a blank canvas for the thoughts.

I would love it if you would continue to walk with me on the journey, so this is your official invitation to join me as I try living on the off-beats!



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