#1 Start a Giving Jar…

Today during the Ash Wednesday service school launched a new campaign. The aim is to raise money to provide a community with the most basic of needs;
Clean Water.

I was planning on giving up non-fairtrade chocolate for Lent this year (something Im planning on continuing after Easter) so in preperation I made sure that any chocolate in my house was fair trade.

I can honestly say that, 24 hours in, the worst thing about having 2 bars of dairy milk in the kitchen cupboard is knowing that it’s there, and knowing that it’s there is difficult because to save money for the water campaign I need to have stopped spending money on something.

Since this morning I’ve decided that that something is chocolate.

So that’s it…no chocolate for 40days. The Dairy Milk, in all it’s fair trade goodness, will still be there at Easter.

It’s going to be a challenge but it seems like a small price to pay for clean water!


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