Blog Roll

Here are some blogs that I have stumbled across and rather like! If you have any suggestions for additions to this list then I’d love to hear them just drop me a comment and I’ll check them out =0)

*Just back from 9 months in Nepal and ready to start the next chapter of her life  Claire Baines is an all round awesome woman of God join her as she journeys through life whilst looking through God’s sunglasses, blogging as she goes!*

*FunkyJesusFreak is a God loveing girl who’s trying to live life glorifying Him, why not walk with her for a while?*

*Miss Clarkson; a Staffs Uni Journalism student, with an inspirational love for the God who created her. Her blog makes for inspiring and uplifting reading even when things aren’t going so well. Clamber up the ladder and into her mind as she opens a window to her world.*

*Little Miss Clarkson is giving you an all areas VIP pass to the jukebox in her head…what’s on the playlist today?*

*Alan is back in the blog-o-spehere with Something Crazy. An irreverant look at God, music and culture this centre of alliterations and catchy titles is definately worth a browse.*

*Welcome to Gail’s world! About the life of a God loving drama student, it’s sure to be full of music, theatrics and if I know her at all, more than a few giggles!*

*For those of you looking for something more indepth, then check out Martin’s blog ‘Thoughtful Faith‘ for a lay-friendly discussion on philosophy and the Christian faith.*

*It’s the small things which make life AWESOME as Neil found out when his life started to fall apart…yet throughout the gloom there were those little moments of joy; so when the day looks dark why not join him as he charts his 1000 awesome things.*

* The work of a 20 year old Christian Student who having just been diagnosed with depression is keen to remove some of the stigma attached to the disease. This isn’t a cry for attention or punishment for sin,  it’s the story of one girl as she struggles with her own discouraged mind. *


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