Part of the 2010 Spring Clean is this new page where you can find links to all of my posts organised into nice neat categories…

My Faith – All the posts relating to aspects of Christianity from the CU to why I believe what I believe, from the things I’m enjoying to the things I’m struggling with its all there.

Missing Generation

A Letter from Mary

Life Through my Viewfinder

You can say what you  like…but we’ve already won!

Radical Faith in a Familiar Place

In the Works

Would you believe me if I said…

3×9 = mismatched seams

Holding on and Letting go

A Christian’s view of a Non Christian

Got the T-shirt

10 Commandments

It’s all Greek to me

Jesus, keeping it real

Why Christianity?

House Party

What’s the invite for?

‘Hello, anyone home?’

What difference can a £1 really make?

Creation or Chance

Individual love

Why me?

The Challenges – Updates and introductions to my 2 Challenges for this year ‘365 Days of Awesome’ and to read the ‘Bible in One Year’


365 Days of Awesome

The Bible in a Year

Other Thoughts – For all the things that don’really fit anywhere else!

Lost Generation

Summer ’09

Cue Beavers

Excuse me, does anyone know the way to New York?

Guest Posts – For when you are bored of my ramblings!


Random Jokes – Random? Yes. Funny? Maybe

#3 – The Ark

#2 – The Pony

#1 – The German One


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