Missing Generation

Thoughts from Home Group:

We aren’t cute faced babies or silver haired ladies,

We can’t be won over with Sunday school crafts or flower arranging,

Our world is advancing faster than you can imagine.

If we want it we can have it with out having to wait.

The internet is in our pockets

The world is on our doorstep

The future’s in our hands

Or so they keep telling us!

We are who we are,

We create our identity, our labels, our world!

‘A generation of…’ can not define us

Because the metanarrative’s been lost.

This generation is missing.

Sure some of us are here,

Sat at the sides with our generational selves hidden.

I guess that before we can help find the rest we have to find ourselves.

Find ourselves from within the consumer led, celebrity focused world;

Find ourselves from within the stuck-in-its-ways, safe and comfy church.

We need to debunk the myth that success is everything,

We can’t be afraid of failure…

Not if we want to succeed!

It’s time to take risks, to be brave, unpredictable and a little bit crazy!

Maybe then we wont slip by unnoticed by the world anymore,

Maybe then we can introduce Jesus to our tribe.

It’s time to step out of the boat.

What if we shifted the focus from getting them in,

to getting us out?

What if we became a generation who was missing on Sundays?

Not because couldn’t be bothered,

But because we’ve  gone…

Gone to see His vision become our reality.

What if we stopped just being nice people

and became like the wide eyed radicals of the Bible,

In it for the failures as well as the successess?

All of us together, one step at a time,

Not dragging them back;

But moving the Church forward.

Maybe that’s what our dash is for…

(I’m definately not cut out for poetry…best stick to science!)



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2 responses to “Missing Generation

  1. This is awesome! I love it, its us to a t… the lost generation =)

    Failure isnt not jumping high enough, it’s not jumping at all… let’s get jumping for Jesus =)

    You’ve definitely got a talent for writing and a big heart for God’s work =D xxx

    love ya purple!

  2. mini

    awesome honey q q q

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